Gold Foil Graduation Announcements

Gold foil is a hot trend right now in wedding invitations and in most stationery products, why would Graduation Announcements be any different? Do you have a graduate in your family? If so you are probably in the market for Graduation Announcements. Typically, your High School or College has formal announcements that you can purchase, but I am seeing less and less of those come to my mailbox.  Around this time of year, my mailbox is filled with photo announcements from my kids friends, family friends and extended family.  Personally I love the Photo Announcements, showcasing what the kids are interested in: music, sports, theater etc… and it is always fun seeing recent pictures of the graduate. I also love it when they include what their plans are for the future.

We have many different styles of Photo Graduation Announcements– including Gold Foil!

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