Are Recipe Cards Still Relevant?

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This morning I made a breakfast casserole that was a recipe given to me by my grandmother, written in her hand writing, Recipe from the kitchen of Grandma Helen. This small card, well-worn, and used over and over by me over the last 20+ years is a heartfelt keepsake. Its full of memories, celebrations, family gatherings, and keeps her a part of me. I think of her every time I make this recipe for my family.
It made me ponder how we can still keep this tradition going in a world full of Pinterest boards, foodie blogs, and 1,000s of recipes a click away.

Here are a few ideas for carrying on the tradition of recipe cards:

Make a Cookbook of your Family Recipes
What a wonderful gift to give your children a book filled with all their favorites growing up.

Have a Recipe Shower
I love this idea to include at a bridal shower. Send out a recipe card with their invitation asking them to share a favorite recipe with the new couple.

Every time someone says how much they love a recipe you’ve made, and asks you for the recipe, actually give the recipe to them on a recipe card!!

Give a recipe box and recipe cards as a gift
Such a great wedding gift. Let someone start saving their favorites

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