What to Write in a Holiday Card?

It seems like we are constantly being updated on peoples lives with social media. Is a Holiday card with a letter about your family events even appropriate? Yes, updating friends and family with a brief letter about your life is what the holidays are all about. It gives us a chance to reflect on what has happened the past year, and how our family has changed. When friends and family receive your letter it helps them connect with you on a more personal level, and let them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

Every year I wonder what should I write in my Holiday Card. How long should my message be? Do I need to include a photo? Should I even include a message?

Honestly, every year I feel differently about this, I have written a page long letter to my friend and family, and I have foregone the message some years, and a few years I have not even sent holiday cards.  There is not a right or wrong way to share holiday cheer and family events with your family and friends.  So lets break it down!

Should I include a letter in my Holiday Card?

Personally, if it is a local friend, a picture or a card is sufficient for me. If I get a card from a friend that I don’t see often, I enjoy reading a letter about their family and getting up to date on their family events.

I like to let family and friends near and far know what is going on with my family through pictures. I like to get a Holiday card with at least 2 areas for photo’s, that way I can include a family picture and a picture of an event that has happened in the past year.

If it is local friend, a photo holiday card, or boxed holiday card is simply enough. For friends afar, consider slipping in a personal letter detailing family events.

How long should my letter be?

I have received many family updates throughout the years, poems, newsletters etc…. I think a brief family timeline of events is in order and totally appropriate to add to your Holiday Card. Most flat photo cards do not have room for a message, so you can include a separate card with a printed message. I enjoy reading personal messages from friends, and seeing pictures.

Should I include a picture?

Photo Holiday Cards are really fun to look at, hang up and enjoy. There is also something special about getting a nice card with a holiday picture on the front. Believe it or not I love the Charlie Brown cards, Santa Clause Cards, and the wreaths. There is no right or wrong here, pick a holiday card that you love, and others will love it also.

Most importantly…………

A holiday card is you reaching out and letting your friends and family know you care about them, and that they are not forgotten ( even if you haven’t spoken to them all year!) Holiday cards are a very special tradition that spreads love, friendship and holiday cheer.

Happy Writing!





Addressing and Mailing your Envelopes

addressing and mailing your envelopes

I love this resource from our Carlson Craft partner and always share it with brides when they have questions about envelope addressing. We are always happy to answer envelope addressing questions

Inner Envelopes have un-gummed flaps and are often ordered with a colored liner.  Address with names only.  Do not use the first names of the recipients except when inviting children.  Their names should be written on a line below the parents name.

Outer Envelopes- the outer envelope is slightly larger than the inner envelope and the flap is gummed.  Address the envelope using formal names and the complete address.  Do not abbreviate

Single Outer Envelopes- If you have selected an invitation that does not include an inner envelope, or if you choose not to use your inner envelopes, you may follow traditional addressing rules for outer envelopes.  Or create a new way that works best for you.

Mailing Your Invitations-  Mail all of your invitations at the same time, 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding date.  If you are including response cards with your invitations, include stamps on the return envelope as well. To avoid postage delays, take your invitation ensemble, including all envelopes and enclosures to your local post office to determine proper postage.  Be sure to include a return address on each outer envelope.

Charity Christmas Cards-

I am always looking for a way to give back during the Holiday Season, when we are so focused on giving. We are proudly now offering Charity Christmas cards for the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, UNICEF, The American Cancer Society, and The National Wildlife Federation.

The sale of Charity Christmas Cards supports the services of these charities while wishing your friends, family and business associates Happy Holidays.


Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Worried about your wedding ceremony being interrupted by someone’s cell phone ring or notification? Don’t want people taking pictures during your special moment?

Introducing the “Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign” it politely asked your guests to turn off their cell phones and camera’s during your wedding ceremony.  Most people already know to do this, but a framed sign is a gentle reminder as they walk into your event.

We offer digitally printed 8×10 personalized Unplugged Wedding Signs ready for a frame. We can also customize a size for you, just give us a call or check out our Etsy Shop.

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Are Recipe Cards Still Relevant?

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This morning I made a breakfast casserole that was a recipe given to me by my grandmother, written in her hand writing, Recipe from the kitchen of Grandma Helen. This small card, well-worn, and used over and over by me over the last 20+ years is a heartfelt keepsake. Its full of memories, celebrations, family gatherings, and keeps her a part of me. I think of her every time I make this recipe for my family.
It made me ponder how we can still keep this tradition going in a world full of Pinterest boards, foodie blogs, and 1,000s of recipes a click away.

Here are a few ideas for carrying on the tradition of recipe cards:

Make a Cookbook of your Family Recipes
What a wonderful gift to give your children a book filled with all their favorites growing up.

Have a Recipe Shower
I love this idea to include at a bridal shower. Send out a recipe card with their invitation asking them to share a favorite recipe with the new couple.

Every time someone says how much they love a recipe you’ve made, and asks you for the recipe, actually give the recipe to them on a recipe card!!

Give a recipe box and recipe cards as a gift
Such a great wedding gift. Let someone start saving their favorites

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