Charity Christmas Cards-

I am always looking for a way to give back during the Holiday Season, when we are so focused on giving. We are proudly now offering Charity Christmas cards for the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, UNICEF, The American Cancer Society, and The National Wildlife Federation.

The sale of Charity Christmas Cards supports the services of these charities while wishing your friends, family and business associates Happy Holidays.


Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Worried about your wedding ceremony being interrupted by someone’s cell phone ring or notification? Don’t want people taking pictures during your special moment?

Introducing the “Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign” it politely asked your guests to turn off their cell phones and camera’s during your wedding ceremony.  Most people already know to do this, but a framed sign is a gentle reminder as they walk into your event.

We offer digitally printed 8×10 personalized Unplugged Wedding Signs ready for a frame. We can also customize a size for you, just give us a call or check out our Etsy Shop.

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Are Recipe Cards Still Relevant

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This morning I made a breakfast casserole that was a recipe given to me by my grandmother, written in her hand writing, Recipe from the kitchen of Grandma Helen. This small card, well-worn, and used over and over by me over the last 20+ years is a heartfelt keepsake. Its full of memories, celebrations, family gatherings, and keeps her a part of me. I think of her every time I make this recipe for my family.
It made me ponder how we can still keep this tradition going in a world full of Pinterest boards, foodie blogs, and 1,000s of recipes a click away.

Here are a few ideas for carrying on the tradition of recipe cards:

Make a Cookbook of your Family Recipes
What a wonderful gift to give your children a book filled with all their favorites growing up.

Have a Recipe Shower
I love this idea to include at a bridal shower. Send out a recipe card with their invitation asking them to share a favorite recipe with the new couple.

Every time someone says how much they love a recipe you’ve made, and asks you for the recipe, actually give the recipe to them on a recipe card!!

Give a recipe box and recipe cards as a gift
Such a great wedding gift. Let someone start saving their favorites

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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Introducing a new partner! Janice Paper, they offer a full line of laser cut wedding invitations. They offer letterpress, digital printing, UV printing and foil. We often have brides contact us with visions of beautiful laser cut wedding invitations. We carry a few in our albums but now we have the full line of Janice Paper invitations, or we can customize a laser cut pocket invitation for you (coming soon to Etsy!). janice.jpg

The Adult Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties seem to be happening all of the time. When you have kids in elementary school it feels like every week! Princess Parties, Star Wars, Pirates, Super Hero’s the party stores are stocked full of party favors, balloons, invitations, and paper goods.

As we age a birthday celebration tends to happen only on big milestones like turning 30, 40, 50, etc…..  and also seems to be a much quieter event. Dinner parties, cocktail parties or trips to tropical destinations (my personal favorite!). Invite your friends and family to your celebration with a special personalized birthday invitation. Choose from gold foil, letterpress or digital printing.  Your birthday invitation sets the stage for your  birthday extravaganza, make sure to include the time, date, details of the activity and rsvp date.  If you are planning a destination birthday celebration, include a timeline of events, details, and accommodation information.

Plan to send your invitations our 2-3 weeks before your event. If you are planning a destination birthday celebrations, give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!