Personal Stationery

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With email, text, and social media we tend to feel like letter writing is a thing of the past. Those methods of communication are certainly fast, and efficient, but if you want to send a nice note, or a thank you there is no better or classy way to do it than on your own personal stationery.  Receiving a letter or note in the mail is becoming a thing of the past, and now when you receive one, it is even more special! I love to give personalized stationery as a gift to my friends and family. In fact this has inspired me to go and write a letter! You can use personalized stationery for thank you’s, business associates, correspondence, or a kind note to a dear friend.

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Monogram for the Married Couple

Monogramed stationery and Married Couples

How does this work?   How do you do a monogram for a married couple.  Depending on whether you are married, single, or a couple with a hyphenated name, there are many different ways a monogram will be setup.

The following are steps to create a monogram for a married couple:

First Initial

For a married couple the women’s initial will be the first letter

Second Initial

The second letter will be larger, and will be the first letter of the married couple’s  last name

Third Initial

Third letter will be the same size as the first initial and will be the first letter of the groom’s first name

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