Corporate and Professional Holiday Cards

Corporate and Professional Holiday Cards

There’s nothing like the American tradition of holiday cards during this festive season.  We all enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards at home and at work.

Have you considered the benefits of sending holiday cards to your clients?  It’s a very low-cost investment in your business relationship.  It’s important to remember this isn’t an advertisement for your business, but a chance to wish your clients a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year.

A Few Tips to Stand Out…

Sometimes your corporate clients might not have the opportunity to meet the employees they are working with on the phone daily.  A photo card allows your clients to see and meet your employees.  Another personal touch is to have your company employees sign the cards that are being sent to customers and clients they work with during the year.

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Baby Shower Verses for Twins and Triplets

Expecting twins or triplets can be so exciting!!  We have a huge collection of twin and multiple baby shower invitations.  Here are some adorable verses to add to your baby shower invitations:

  • Two peas in a pod, two bundles of love, two babies from Heaven, two gifts from above
  • Double the shovels, double the sand, two little boys will be twice as grand
  • Three peas in a pod, bundles of love, triplets from Heaven, gifts from above
  • Two peas in a pod, two bundles of joy, two gifts from the Heaven, one girl and one boy

To view more invitations for twins and multples CLICK HERE

Gold Foil Graduation Announcements

Gold foil is a hot trend right now in wedding invitations and in most stationery products, why would Graduation Announcements be any different? Do you have a graduate in your family? If so you are probably in the market for Graduation Announcements. Typically, your High School or College has formal announcements that you can purchase, but I am seeing less and less of those come to my mailbox.  Around this time of year, my mailbox is filled with photo announcements from my kids friends, family friends and extended family.  Personally I love the Photo Announcements, showcasing what the kids are interested in: music, sports, theater etc… and it is always fun seeing recent pictures of the graduate. I also love it when they include what their plans are for the future.

We have many different styles of Photo Graduation Announcements– including Gold Foil!

Watercolor Wedding Invitation Hack- Is that hand painted?

Watercolor Wedding Invitations are on the trend right now! Lots of soft romantic florals, landscape scenes, mountains, greenery etc…… I love this trend because if brings soft colors to your wedding invitation and the watercolor floral invitations are very romantic and adds a soft touch to your wedding stationery.

watercolor floral                 ww wreath

Tip: When ordering your watercolor floral wedding invitation try a textured paper. The texture in the paper can make the watercolor artwork look hand painted and more authentic.

Value Wedding Invitations

The Fancy Envelope sells value wedding invitations! These invitations are affordable and  beautiful. Typically wedding invitations are sold by the piece, and you are charged a fee for your invitation, inserts and rsvp. These invitations include 3 pieces, the invitation, the RSVP and an insert (envelopes included) for one price starting at $190.00 per 100. These invitation come with the invitation, rsvp and insert printed on one piece of paper and you separate them. The pieces are micro perforated for easy separation. The micro perforation is very subtle, and done really well. These are a beautiful option for the budget conscious bride. Make an appointment and come in and check them out! We also carry them in our online store.

blooming romance
$189.90 per 100

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