DIY Wedding Invitations

I had a friend ask me “What do you think about brides making their own wedding invitaitons to save money?” If brides want to save money by making their own wedding invitations, we are have no problem with that! Weddings are expensive and brides are always looking for ways to keep within their budget.  Allison and I are aware of the increasing costs of weddings.  We understand that when a bride comes in, she has a budget and we do everything we can to help her stay within her budget while getting an invitaitons she loves!

Some brides may think that making their own wedding invitations will save them money. Yes, it probably will save you money.  But understand for not much more you can get a wedding invitation, professionally printed, with professional wording help, within your budget!

The Fancy Envelope prides itself on it’s slogan “An Invitation For Every Bride”. We have invitaitons in every price range.  We have shelves and shelves of books to provide endless options for you. We are there to help you with throughout  the process of your wedding stationery.

We will help you pick a wedding invitation that fits your style and the style of your wedding. We will help you with the wording on your wedding invitation so it looks and reads like a formal invitations.  We will guide you through the proofing process so your invitaion is flawless and exactly how you want it! We are here to answer your questions about envelope addressing, proper wording, etiquette and so much more!

Your wedding is a special day, your wedding invitaitons is the first thing they will see about your wedding.  Make it something special!

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