No Children at the Reception- can I include this on my wedding invitation?

No Children”

Can I put “No Children” on my wedding invitation? This is a question that comes up occasionally while we are meeting with brides.

It is not proper etiquette to put “No Children” anywhere on your wedding invitation or on your wedding invitation inserts. But don’t fret, here are some ideas to help you!

Make sure you address your wedding invitations properly- Address the wedding invitation to exactly who you want to invite.  If you have an inner and an outer envelope, only include the names of the parents on both envelopes.

Change the wording on your RSVP card to read– We have reserved ___ seats for you at the wedding reception, and include a line for the names of people attending.  If using a traditional RSVP card format just be aware of how may guests are listed on the RSVP. If you see the name of a child on the RSVP, call the parents and explain that you are not having children at the wedding reception due to cost or venue.

Spread the Word– This is the best way to let everyone know that you will not be having children at your wedding. Let your friends and family help you get the word out that your wedding will be an “Adult Only Affair”.

Set and age limit- You may want older children to be invited to the wedding.  You can do this by adding their name along with their parents names to the wedding invitations outer and inner envelopes. But once you make your decision, make no exceptions- this can cause even more hurt feelings.

Enclose a personal note to friends/family that you know will be upset by your decision. Explain to them that the cost, or size of venue is preventing your from including children.

Get the names of a few local babysitters– If you have out of town guests coming with children, provide them with names of a local babysitter they can hire during the wedding reception to watch their kids at the hotel they are staying at, or at a relatives house.  This information can be included in a personal note to your guest.

Managing your guest list can be the most challenging part of planning your wedding. Try not to get discouraged or overwhelmed. This is your day, surround yourself with supportive family and friend to help you manage and plan your wedding.

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