Photo Holiday Card Tips

It is time to think about your Holiday Cards! My biggest hurdle in preparing Holiday Cards is finding a family photograph with all of us in it, and with me looking good! Most of our photographs are from vacations or around the Holidays. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect picture(s) for your Holiday Card

  1. Make sure that there is enough light in the picture to see everyone’s faces.  Photo’s tend to print darker, so if you even think it may be too dark- it probably is.
  2. Look at the whole picture you choose (not just at yourself). I made this mistake a few years ago when I printed a holiday card and got it back and realized there was a random man in the background of our family photograph.
  3. If you are not all around to do a family picture- do a collage, or a family picture on the front, and add a picture to the back.  I have had to do this a lot!
  4. Collage photo cards are great, just make sure the picture squares are big enough to see the picture clearly.
  5. Switch things up! Send a photo card one year and a Holiday letter the next.
  6. Important!! Compile your mailing list on a spreadsheet. As holiday cards come in the mail, double check the address to see if your friends/family have moved and update your spreadsheet.  After you put the time into doing this- you will thank me!

We have a beautiful selection of Holiday Cards on our Etsy store, and they include free printed envelopes! Happy Holidays!!!


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