Planning a Bridal Shower?

Planning A Bridal Shower?

Are you planning a bridal shower for your friend, daughter, neice, future daugher- in-law? We have a huge variety of bridal shower invitations to choose from.  We sell beautiful shower invitations online, and we also can custom design an invite for you.

A bridal shower typically is thrown 1-3 months before the wedding ceremony.  Here are a few bridal shower tips:

1. Ask the bride for a guest list, be careful not to invite quests that are not invited to the wedding.

2. Send out invitations, and ask for RSVP’s

3. Don’t do it alone!  As for help from the bridesmaids and family.

4. Make a budget, and stick to it! There are a lot of DIY ideas out there to help.

5. As the host, personally introduce yourself to each guest.

6. Plan a few activities to keep everyone engaged.

7. Be considerate to the bride and her likes/dislikes as you plan her shower.

A bridal shower is a celebration, have fun and enjoy this time with friends and family!

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