The Wedding Guest Book

The purpose of a wedding guest book is to record who came to your wedding. There are different ways to do this…..

Wedding Guest Book: The traditional Guest book has pages with lines for your guests to sign their names. This book will become an heirloom filled with memories of your wedding guests.  Some wedding guest books also provide a little space for you to write well wishes to the Bride and Groom.

Photo Wedding Guest Book: This is a photo book from any photo store with pages that are left blank for your guests to sign. These books are really fun, because you get to browse pictures of the bride and groom before you sign. Word of caution- make sure your pen does not bleed through the page.

You can also get really creative with your Wedding Guest Book, and not have it be a traditional book. You can have your guests sign a world globe, jenga blocks, rocks, thumb prints, etc….

Let me know if you have any creative guest book ideas……


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