Wedding Etiquette “When Not to Use Email!”

This information is from Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette book ( a staple around here!).  I have been in the Wedding Invitation business for about 6 years and I have never had a bride inquire about sending a wedding invitation via email, probably because we sell paper wedding invitations. Even with social media I have personally not seen an e-invite to a wedding. Is this a good thing? Should we move to e-invites for formal events?

My opinion is NO! Your wedding day is a very special memorable event. Brides keep their wedding invitations as a memento, and memory of their special day. Wedding budgets can get busted by many things, but your wedding invitation does not need to be one of them. Allison and I try to help brides find wedding invitations that fit into their budget and reflect who they are and what kind of wedding they are having. You can get a beautiful affordable wedding invitation if you are careful about printing styles, and additional stationery pieces.

Should you use Email for “Thank You Notes”?

Emily post says ” For each wedding gift you receive, you should always pen a separate handwritten note and send it through the mail. No exceptions, unless you are stuck on an unreachable island” Do I agree with this? Yes, handwriting a thank you note sends this message to your guests….

You appreciate the time and effort they made to help you celebrate your special day.

You appreciate the time, effort and thought they took to give you a gift.

It shows them, you are thinking about them!

It is appropriate to send an email if you are behinds on your thank you notes, to let them know you received their gift, and then follow up with a hand written, personal thank you note.

For Wedding Invitations and Thank you notes, my advice is to stick to the traditional paper Wedding Invitation, and paper Thank You Note to show appreciation and recognition to your guests.




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