Wedding Invitation Inserts

Wedding Invitation Inserts

Wedding Invitation Inserts are inserts that are included with your wedding invitation. Traditionally wedding invitation inserts are Reception, Accommodations & Direction cards.

Reception Cards include information about your reception.  Reception cards include information about the location of the reception, what will be happening at the reception, and what time the reception starts.

Accommodation Cards include information for your guests about hotels and happenings close to your wedding venue.  It is very common that the bride blocks off rooms at certain hotels for her guests.  This information is placed on your accommodations card.

Directions Card- “They can just use their smart phone for directions” This dilemma comes up all of the time when I am meeting with brides.  And most guests can and will just look up the directions to your wedding/reception venue on their smart phones.  Including a directions card is very nice for elderly guests, who don’t rely on their smart phones.  It is also a must if you have an out of the way venue, and you are concerned that your guests will get lost. Whatever you decide, make sure you drive to your wedding/reception venue and are clear about where it is an how to get there so you can give directions if you don’t have a directions inserts, or if you do have a directions insert- you can make sure that the printed information is correct.

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