What to Write in a Holiday Card?

It seems like we are constantly being updated on peoples lives with social media. Is a Holiday card with a letter about your family events even appropriate? Yes, updating friends and family with a brief letter about your life is what the holidays are all about. It gives us a chance to reflect on what has happened the past year, and how our family has changed. When friends and family receive your letter it helps them connect with you on a more personal level, and let them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

Every year I wonder what should I write in my Holiday Card. How long should my message be? Do I need to include a photo? Should I even include a message?

Honestly, every year I feel differently about this, I have written a page long letter to my friend and family, and I have foregone the message some years, and a few years I have not even sent holiday cards.  There is not a right or wrong way to share holiday cheer and family events with your family and friends.  So lets break it down!

Should I include a letter in my Holiday Card?

Personally, if it is a local friend, a picture or a card is sufficient for me. If I get a card from a friend that I don’t see often, I enjoy reading a letter about their family and getting up to date on their family events.

I like to let family and friends near and far know what is going on with my family through pictures. I like to get a Holiday card with at least 2 areas for photo’s, that way I can include a family picture and a picture of an event that has happened in the past year.

If it is local friend, a photo holiday card, or boxed holiday card is simply enough. For friends afar, consider slipping in a personal letter detailing family events.

How long should my letter be?

I have received many family updates throughout the years, poems, newsletters etc…. I think a brief family timeline of events is in order and totally appropriate to add to your Holiday Card. Most flat photo cards do not have room for a message, so you can include a separate card with a printed message. I enjoy reading personal messages from friends, and seeing pictures.

Should I include a picture?

Photo Holiday Cards are really fun to look at, hang up and enjoy. There is also something special about getting a nice card with a holiday picture on the front. Believe it or not I love the Charlie Brown cards, Santa Clause Cards, and the wreaths. There is no right or wrong here, pick a holiday card that you love, and others will love it also.

Most importantly…………

A holiday card is you reaching out and letting your friends and family know you care about them, and that they are not forgotten ( even if you haven’t spoken to them all year!) Holiday cards are a very special tradition that spreads love, friendship and holiday cheer.

Happy Writing!





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